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One More Reason to Smile



Oral Health Exams

Oral health exams are important because they help us determine the state of your child’s oral health and alert us to problems that should be addressed immediately while they are small and easy to fix. 

Habit Counseling

For most infants, the sucking of thumbs and pacifiers is a happy, relaxing, everyday part of life. However, children who continue to suck thumbs or pacifiers after the age of five are at high- risk for developing dental complications. 


Catching a bite problem early, makes it easier to correct. Make sure your little ones are on the right path by checking their teeth, and especially their structure of jaws and bone. 

Preventive Dental Care

Preventive dentistry is dental care that helps patients maintain a good oral health. It is a combination of regular dental check- ups, cleaning, sealants, fluoride treatments, as well as developing good habits like brushing and flossing.

Laser Dentistry

Pediatric laser dentistry has many advantages and offers a more comfortable experience. Children are usually more sensitive to dental procedures which is why more pediatric dentists are implementing laser dentistry options.  

Repair of Tooth Cavities

Cavities can affect a child’s self- esteem and academic performance, which is why it is extremely important to have regular checkups to treat and prevent cavities. 

Our Team

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Hamlet S Avanesian

D.D.S. F.A.G.D

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Samuel Jordan

I am so thankful to everyone working at Burbank Pediatric Dentistry. The doctor is very patient and takes time to explain the procedure thoroughly and answers all your questions. The assistants go out of their way to help the little ones along the way. My 5 year old had a bad experience at a different place and doesn't like going to the dentist. That's changing now thanks to the everyone at this place.

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